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Lawyer Marketing Services

I started Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc. in 2009 just after leaving Findlaw.  The one request I continued to get when working with Findlaw was whether or not I could help attorneys with their marketing outside of their website.  With Findlaw I was restricted to simply selling websites and SEO.  When I realized there was a market for a fuattorneymeetingll service legal marketing company we decided to launch Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc. (LMS)

As of today LMS is in 35 different states.  My goal is to have law firms in every city in the nation but not to have too many law firms in any given city.  We want to fight for our attorneys and not have to compete against ourselves by providing attorney marketing to every attorney in town.

LMS is a full service marketing company that has 90% of our business in website development and search engine optimization for law firms.  The other 10% of our business is working with those firms who want to brand themselves in a given market through television, radio, billboard and other traditional means.

I love to teach law firms about Search Engine Optimization as well.  It is important that they know what we are doing.  I don’t mind giving away what we do because most law firms don’t have the time to concentrate on it and do it justice.  Those law firms that do have time simply are not getting the clients they need to keep themselves busy so it would serve them well to turn it over to the companies that specialize in attorney seo.

I have found that most SEO or Search Engine Optimization companies sound very similar.  They all talk about the importance of design, content and seo.  They all talk about moving your website through the ranks to get you to the top of Google.  The problem is most companies do not do it well.  Believe it or not there are 20 and 30 million dollar a year companies that simply build a website, give you a few important links and then never look at your site again until you complain about your rankings in the search engines dropping.  That is when they tell you that you will need to pay more money to get back in the game.

At Lawyer Marketing Services we are different.  We don’t have long-term contracts.  I believe that we should earn your dollar every month.  If you are not happy with us you are not locked into a long term contract you can simply give us a 90 day notice and take your business elsewhere.  This philosophy ensures that we work hard for you each and every month.  My team here in Tulsa, Oklahoma does just that, they ensure that your site has the best possible chance of success by monitoring your competition and creating value that works.  Simply put the proof is in the pudding.  Our sites work!