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Inside the Mind of Marine Drill Instructor

(The book released in September of 2014 –   You can purchase a copy on Amazon or by going to

The book Inside the Mind of Marine Drill Instructor Kevin McDugle was an idea I have had for years.  I decided to quit thinking about it and simply get it done.  TBack Camerahe book tells stories about my personal Marine Corps boot camp experience and then similar stories when I became a Marine Drill Instructor.  My best friend is referenced in the book and he is a real character and one that you should learn more about.  He was simply the best Marine and even better the best human being I have ever known.

My time in the Marine Corps and the discipline it gave me set the tone for the rest of my life.  Once I realized that everything in this life, that is worth getting, takes the right mental attitude and discipline, I was all in.  The Marine Corps develops the finest fighting men and women the world has ever known and it uses simple people like me to get it done.  The total idea of simple every day people becoming Marines and conquering all kinds of obstacles is nearly unbelievable, yet there are Marines doing it every day.

I had the opportunity with my 8 years as a Marine to travel the world, meet strange and exotic people and get to know them well.  In order to be the best fighting force in the world the Marine Corps had to stretch the minds of young men and women to know that they one day may have to fight and kill.  How else would you want to train those people who protect you from all enemies foreign and domestic?

I know that time has caused me to forget a number of things about my Marine Corps experience but there are just as many memories that are forever etched in my mind.  Inside the mind of a Marine DI simply tells a number of those stories through the eyes of a simple Oklahoma farm boy who never had enough confidence to do anything until he became a Marine.