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happy+business+meeting+excited+handshakeI started eXpect3 Marketing out of necessity.  With Lawyer Marketing Services doing well a number of our attorneys requested that we provide the same service for their non-lawyer businesses.  eXpect3 Marketing is a full service marketing firm that provides traditional and non-traditional marketing services across the nation.  In Tulsa we saw a need for a Tulsa Marketing Company that could provide the services we provide on a national level.  We love providing Tulsa with Marketing Services with the same work ethic we use with LMS.

We noticed that Tulsa did not have a marketing company that believed in their own marketing efforts.  I have never seen a Tulsa Marketing company that used television to gain customers yet they sell it every day.  We also noticed that a number of the Tulsa based SEO or search engine optimization companies really don’t know how to provide that service.  Some of them get lucky in an industry that is not competitive and they show those sites to future customers but when a real competitive Tulsa SEO company is needed we could not find one.

Tulsa is a great place for a full service marketing company to help in a cross industry platform.  eXpect3 Marketing has beauty sites, faith based sites, medical sites and a number of others.

eXpect3 Marketing will be the next big Marketing company in Tulsa.

We are asked what does the eXpect3 stand for.  It is a number of things.  My first thought on eXpect3 was the trinity.  Then the idea of eXpecting eXcellence, eXtraordinary services and eXperience is what our customers should eXpect!  Why should we go through life eXpecting anything less.  With eXpect3 Marketing we strive to provide these three corps areas to everything we do.

My passion with eXpect3 Marketing is to work with inventors and entrepreneurs to help them grow their business and sell more products through online marketing.  Marketing for inventors is a way that allows eXpect3 to partner with the right companies to keep their cost down and increase diversity in the line of products we represent.

If you need a Tulsa Marketing Company call eXpect3 Marketing today.