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It is with great pleasure that I write this first blog post on my new website.  In everything I do I try to do it with excellence.  This site is not a BRAG on me site it is simply a site that allows those that I work with to see more about who I am and all that I do.  When you own several businesses and get involved as much as I do it is hard to carry around business cards that say exactly what you do.  That is when I decided I would create this site so that I have one single location that demonstrates each business and the exciting new things I am getting involved in. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and understand what all I do.  I really do hope that I can some how bring value to you as a person and to your company.  My greatest Joy outside of knowing Christ and enjoying my family, is when I get the opportunity to help others succeed.  Hopefully we get to do business together, with eXcellence!

Happy 4th of July

I wanted to extend a Happy 4th of July to everyone but especially to those who have served our great nation!  Thank you for continuing to fight against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Thank you for keeping the United States …

Inside The Mind of a Marine Drill Instructor is completed

I just completed my first book called Inside the Mind of a Marine Drill Instructor.  We are probably two months away from print but I am glad to finally have it on paper.  When I left the Marine Corps in …

My kids surprise me

Tonight my five year old ask me to pause the tv while we were watching the tornado warnings. I did, and he said, “Dad I want to pray and ask God to protect us” Here is his prayer “Dear God …